Quality Assurance

The company has the knowledge and expertise to provide quality services across a full range of ecological issues. Although our team is small, we have an excellent network of skilled associates in both the UK and Ireland which ensures that we have capacity to carry out projects at any scale. Both Directors are full members of the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM). This means that Allen and Mellon Environmental adhere to codes of practice and guidelines which ensures a high quality of work for the client.


We are a one‐stop‐shop for ornithological expertise. Our extensive range of services includes:

  • Bird surveys, including design and project management of major surveys
  • Monitoring programmes
  • Data analysis and research
  • Conservation strategies and Action Plans
  • Advice on habitat management for birds
  • Site management plans
  • Training on bird survey techniques

Red Grouse nest - Antrim Hills

SM2+ bat detector


All bat species are protected by law and surveys of bat activity or roosting bats are required for many types of developments. We have been trained in bat survey techniques and are equipped to provide the following services (under licence where required):

  • Manual bat activity surveys using ultrasonic bat detectors
  • Monitoring using SM2+ static recorders
  • Roost assessments of buildings and trees
  • Licenced searches for roosting bats
  • Bat emergence surveys
  • Analysis of bat sounds using EchoCollation software

Main badger sett, County Tyrone

Terrestrial Animals

Badgers are protected by law and so surveys are often required for various types of development. We are experienced in identifying field signs of badgers and other protected species such as red squirrel, otter, common lizard and smooth newt. We use camera traps to record mammal activity to provide more detailed information in a cost‐effective manner, and provide advice on mitigation measures.

Dunarree Hill larval web.JPG

Marsh fritillary larval web


We are leaders in lepidoptera and entomological surveys. Our ecologists are highly experienced and skilled at survey and monitoring of the protected marsh fritillary butterfly and have discovered many new Irish colonies of this vulnerable species.

We can add value to any survey by recording invertebrate species. With our experienced associates we are also able to undertake major invertebrate monitoring projects, such as condition assessments of protected sites. 

Through our work for the Heritage Council our team re-discovered the white prominent moth in the birch woods of County Kerry after an absence of over 70 years.  Read more about this in our Projects section.

Habitat Survey

We provide habitat surveys including JNCC Phase 1 (NI) and Fossitt (RoI) which are required as part of a Preliminary Ecological Appraisal or due diligence searches. Our cost‐effective extended Phase 1 surveys can be tailored to include protected mammal surveys if required.

Ecological Clerk of Works

We provide an ecological clerk of works service for major construction projects including wind farms. We will work with your construction team and contractors to ensure that all ecological conditions and requirements are achieved.

Management Plans

We can develop and produce prescriptive, costed management plans for any site, large or small, including large Natura 2000 sites or small parks where ecological management is a goal. We also prepare Habitat Management & Enhancement Plans for development sites including wind farms. We are leaders in developing mitigation measures such as upland pools for invertebrates.  We are also listed by DAERA as qualified Environmental Farming Scheme (EFS) planners. 

Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA) & Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA)

We are highly experienced at compiling ecology sections for Environmental Impact Assessments. We also have expertise in the appropriate assessment process for Natura 2000 sites. We have prepared Habitats Regulations Assessment / Natura Impact Assessment reports for plans and projects in both jurisdictions.

Invasive species

We can provide guidance and advice on dealing with troublesome invasive species. We have advised local authorities in both jurisdictions about the treatment of Japanese knotweed and can advise on treatment of species which invade freshwater habitats, such as Crassula and Lagarosiphon.

Training and Advice

We believe that training and education is key for protecting our environment. We can deliver bespoke training sessions for your organisation on a wide range of biodiversity issues. Working with Woodrow Environmental Consultants we provided technical training to 15 local authorities in Ireland including detailed guidance on protecting Natura 2000 sites and planning for biodiversity. In Northern Ireland we have delivered training and advice on HRA and the Biodiversity Duty. We can provide training on managing habitats, survey techniques or species identification to small groups or even individuals.